The case of the missing cat solved after 24 hours delay

I heard a lovely story today which was great because it had been a sad story a day before. My old neighbour came to the door and told me that his lovely old tabby cat had gone missing. He is 15 years old and everyone in the neighbourhood watches out for him because he’s deaf and sometimes wanders into the road.

I think I wondered if the cat had just been hit by a car, and I think the old man did as well. He seemed very sad and didn’t hold out much hope of finding it again.

Anyway, today he knocked on the door again to say that the cat had been found. I was in the middle of reading the latest Albanian translation I have received from translate shark and the knock on the door annoyed me. When he told me the story I was very pleased he had.

What had happened was the cat had jumped into the back of the delivery van that had been delivering on our road. The driver hadn’t realised the cat was there and by the time he realised it was he was miles away. So he took it to a local rescue centre and they scanned it for a microchip.

Thankfully the old guy had it chipped and so they knew where the cat lived. They gave him a call and even returned it to him a few hours ago.

That was a lovely end to the story and I’m so pleased he came knocked on the door. I went back to reading my Albanian translation and was really happy, because it’s little stories like that that make life worth living, especially when you are under pressure and bogged down with the details of modern life that make us feel so awful from day-to-day.

Anyway, that’s enough from me for today. I have a lot of work to do still but I just wanted to get this story in writing because it was so lovely. I will tell my wife and child tonight and I’m sure that they will be as pleased as I am because they also love seeing that old cat around the neighbourhood. It may be a few days before I can blog because I off to Albania soon and I’m not sure how much time all get.


Missing out on a beautiful sunny day yet again

I always seem to miss the lovely sunny days because I’m working. If I’m free or not working very hard and always seems to be raining. If I have to pick our child from school is was raining. Wherever I have to do it seems be raining.

If I’m sitting indoors working and I can’t get away from the computer it’s inevitably going to be a lovely sunny day. It makes my productivity plummet. I’m sure it does other people but when you are self-employed and you are working from home it can be incredibly difficult to motivate yourself when the world outside seems so lovely.

Anyway, I’m going to reward myself after working today by going for a lovely walk and have an ice cream. I know that doesn’t sound a lot but it sometimes the simple things in life that can make life worth living. So often we all bogged down in trying to achieve great things, constantly fire fight, constantly worry about the people around us and feel that we are not succeeding the way we should. Just occasionally we need to take the pressure off ourselves by just existing and enjoying the simple things in life. After all, that’s what we have done for most of our existence. Although we had to fight for food, I’m betting a lot of our time was more peaceful.

I’ve had the Albanian translation reply back and what they said didn’t quite make sense to me when I use Google translate to get it from Albanian to English. So I’m glad I paid for an Albanian translator to translate the Albanian text into English. It only took 24 hours and I’m glad because it means I can now reply based on that in Albanian.

However it has occurred to me that as I can’t really speak Albanian that these perfect translations will make them think that I can. So I’m actually beginning to wonder if I should not rely on professional translations into Albanian and English and instead speak in English but perhaps use Albanian greetings and salutations to show that I am limited but making some sort of effort.

Lost in translation

Well I had a reply from my potential Albanian business associates and they replied in Albanian which was lovely.

The Albanian translation I paid for for the email I sent seems to have worked, but the problem is how do I translate their reply? I put it through Google translate and it’s a little bit unclear what they are talking about, so I’m not entirely sure how to proceed. I didn’t really envisage this problem and am a bit concerned as to how I progress.

I think I will probably have to pay a translation service to get it translated so I can see what they actually said in English properly. I know that’s going to get a bit more expensive but I need to get this right as there is a large business deal riding on it. I suppose that it’s a small price to pay if I get the deal in the end.

In other news I had a lovely day with my child today. We went to the park and went on the swings and slides. We were there for an hour and the sunshine was lovely. It is wonderful to forget about the stresses of life are just get out and walk and have fun with the people you love at times. It’s a shame that so much in life that is lovely is hidden by the grind of daily work.

I’m also really proud of my wife at the moment because she is taking on a lot of work herself and she is spending a lot of time looking after our daughter. She has problems of her own and this Albanian translation being is all I keep talking about, and I’m just aware that she is being my rock as usual.

Right that’s it for tonight, I have an early start in the morning I’m off to visit a client which is a three hour train ride away. Not as far as Albania, and at least I can speak English, but it’s an important client nonetheless and the more clients I keep up in the air the reason you my life will be because it means more money at the end of the year.

The really frustrating time today

Okay I am writing this out because I’m really agitated tonight and I’m trying to make sense of whether I am going well over the top with the thoughts and feelings I’m having.

Basically, somebody parked across half of our driveway earlier on today. There was space to park outside properly but they just didn’t bother and they obstructed half our driveway. If I wanted to get out I would not have been able to because there was a wall which would have stopped me reversing across my neighbour’s driveway.

So if I have faced an emergency then I would not have been able to get out without running around knocking on doors trying to find out who the car belonged to.

This made me really angry and I got a bit upset about it. I put a note on the car and then I actually stood outside for half an hour to see if they would come back while I was there. But they didn’t so I went inside and kept looking out of the window.

After about an hour I heard an engine start and I raced outside but the car was driving up the road and I could see who was in it or where they had come from. To make it worse they screw the note up and thrown on the floor. I will certainly be keeping an eye out for that car again and I will go and sit on the bonnet and wait for them to come back next time no matter how much it takes.

But am I getting carried away with my emotions and anger here? Should I really be that angry or did I overreact? I’m not really sure but as I say it was one of those situations which could have been really annoying if something had happened, so I’m not sure.

In other news the Albanian translation has arrived back from translate shark. I have to admit I haven’t got a clue that it’s any good or not, at I have now put it into an email and sent it on to my Albanian business contact.

So I will now find out if the Albanian translator they use is any good or not. I hope that they are, because there is a business deal riding on this and I want it to be right.

Getting ready for my trip to Albania

I travel a lot in my job and I have visited many countries, a lot of which I have struggled with the language with. It’s okay speaking English because you can get by on a basic level.

The problem is that to really connect with potential clients, it’s great to speak their language even if only a little bit, just to do the basics of hello, goodbye, thank you and to talk in a restaurant a little bit.

On top of that, it’s also about written translation. I can communicate in English of course, but it’s much nicer to send something in someone else’s language so that they feel you have made an effort to connect with them. It does wonders for business conversion rates and it is exactly why businesses invest money in that sort of thing.

I’m doing some work with a company in Albania at the minute, and I’ve been using a company called to get really good quality Albanian translation done.

Although you can get an Albanian translator on Google, or a phone app, it’s just not the same as getting a real human being to convert it. It also gives me confidence because I know that I am getting a good translation and not one that might make an offended, or think that I am just paying lip service to trying to connect with them.

Anyway, I’ve written a really nice letter and had it converted into Albanian and it’s all about what I’m going to do my trip there to speak to this Albanian company about doing business with them. I’m hoping that it is a nice touch really makes them think that I’m very serious about getting the business and connecting with them as individuals.

I’m going to miss my family while away, one of the reasons I started this blog is to try and get my feelings out into the open. I get lonely sometimes when I’m away and I know that they miss me, and that makes it even worse. But it’s something I have to deal with and is an unfortunate part of the job. The alternative would be to not have as much money and that would make life harder, which I’m not sure would be a good thing.

Welcome to my little internal struggle online

Life can sometimes be problematic for me. I know it is for everybody, but there have been some things in my life which have caused me big issues and I do struggle to deal with them. I probably won’t talk to you about them in great detail here because I don’t want to trawl up the passed, but there are some things that have happened which I know have had an effect on me.

I think it is why I have struggled a bit in my life and it’s the main reason I’m starting this blog. I have a demanding job and I travel quite a lot which means I feel unsettled at times, I don’t feel grounded and I don’t feel close to home. This makes my mind wander and I sometimes don’t have positive thoughts about my home life.

So I want to change that and ground myself by talking about everyday things in my blog, and maybe dealing with some problems. When I’m on the road I’d like to have this little outlet to try and talk about normal things so that I can feel a little closer to home.

In terms of the rest of my life, I am quite happy most the time. We live in a nice house in a nice suburb and things are generally quite good in our lives. We have a lovely child and she is doing really well at school as well. I am quite lucky in terms of the job I have and the money I earn, and in the cold light of day I know that my life could be a lot worse.

But then as with everyone, no matter how good my life is, as humans we tend to focus on negatives and think that we are not very well off all that things could be better, or that we are failing.

Anyway, this is my first blog post and I have worked out how to use software and hopefully given you a bit more detail about myself. But at the end of the day this blog is for me and not the people reading it, so if I don’t entertain or inform you then I’m really sorry, but that wasn’t really the point of starting this.